Sistema Air Flow Mapping Apollo

The ultrapure combined lng & demi water fog machine AFM Apollo.32 does provide fog of highest purity, cleanliness and (pure paper white) density being unmatched by any other clean room suitable fog generating technique and existing system such as ultrasonic or fluid or CO2. the Apollo.32 is suitable for airflow visualizations in cleanrooms according to ISO 14644-3 annex b7 in all cr classes in operation and at rest.

Sistema Ultrasonic Demi Water Fog 

GeneratorsCleanrooms are dynamic systems. People and goods are constantly in motion. Installations, production lines and machines are periodically adjusted to the production of different products. According to the relevant standard ISO 14644-3 Annex B7 the operators of cleanrooms are obliged to give periodically evidence of the actual air flow situation by an air Flow mapping basing e. g. on high purity water fog generators.Sistema’s ultrasonic water fog (aerosol) generators of the AFM-NEO Series do offer an unmatched potential for zero contamination air flow visualisation and tracking studies in cleanrooms according to ISO 14644-3 Annex B7. All versions of the AFM-NEO Series are portable, are operatedwith non-contaminating media (DI water) atomized into micro sized droplets.

Flow Flower

The Flow Viewer smoke generator is perfect to visualize the air flow patterns inside contamination controlled areas.
It is small, light and easy to use. The unit has switch for immediate and substantial fog production, or latching (continuous) output until button pressed again.
The battery allows to generate smoke continuously for about 12 minutes and the kit includes also an additional battery. Optionally also a dummy battery to work continuously connected to the power supply.
As an option, a wireless remote control with an on/off button is available.

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