Rigel Digital Photometer

The Rigel RI7001 digital photometer is the best choice for testing the integrity of HEPA filters. Using the light scattering method, the Rigel RI7001 provides real-time integrity through detection of aerosol concentration upstream and downstream.

The Rigel RI7001 tests, monitors and validates clean rooms, laminar flow hoods, safety cabinets, glove boxes, HEPA vacuum cleaners, HVAC systems, HEPA filters, ULPA filters, filtration units, negative pressure operating rooms, nuclear filter banks, collective protection filters, etc…

The 3.5″ LCD on the base unit provides an easy to read interface displaying sample concentration in real time and frequency modes.

Rigel Aerosol Generators

The Rigel RI8301 Thermal Aerosol Generator is portable and versatile; it is the best choice to test and validate large areas requiring a consistent range of particulate dispersed in an aerosol concentration. The RI8301 Aerosol Generator uses the principle of thermal condensation; using a block heater to produce specific concentrations of vaporized oil. The generator incorporates a digital temperature control allowing the operator to adjust the unit’s operation for the specific aerosol agent being used. The unit has a large capacity liquid tank allowing the RI8301 to generate aerosol for up to 5 hours without requiring a refill. The RI8301 is capable of generating a wide range of aerosol particulate concentrations by discharging a controlled quantity of oil vapor into a large filtered and vented area.

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