Mobile Temperature Calibrator
MTC25 mobile dry block is a precision temperature calibrator with liquid bath/dry block combined; temperature range -22℃~155℃. Featured technology with divided zone temperature control enable its excellent homogeneity and stability: homogeneity±0.05℃(dry), ±0.01℃(liquid); stability ±0.005℃.


Metrology Water bath Temperature Calibrator
· Heating speed less than 2 hours
· Several levels cooling, heating/cooling intelligent control
· Liquid auto change, improving calibration efficiency
· 9 inch TFT touch screen, easy for reading
· Φ160×450mm big working area, improving calibration efficiency
· Support RS232/RS485/USB/LAN/Wi-Fi communication ports

· Homogeneity≤0.01℃, stability±0.01℃/30min